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  Friday 27th July 2007

 09:32am - Tough Love
Dear Blog,

While I was spitting up blood furballs and clutching my stomache in pain yesterday, someone dear to me was having a strop. If only he'd given me time to actually explain. What he didn't know, was that at the same time, someone else dear to me had something else to say...
A* strop His reaction in the following texts was totally fair tho (?) ...

"You are so rude, when all I was trying to be was positive and chirpy! Don't tell me u didn't bite my head off.. U have a habit of doing that since we've starting talking again. Not sure how I feel right now."

Me - "Or maybe you read into msn wrong. I'm not listening to this shit again. Round and round you go. Have fun."

"Let me make this easy for u then! Keep the boats, any money you owe me, my blender, my cacti.. fucking anything that connects me to u, and never contact me again. We're obviously not good for each other. Just me being honest!"

Funny tho, because just last week something similar happened, and I was being thanked for not playing the game. I even remember being told just how important that friendship was. Now I'm simply disgusted at their words.
Isn't it sad how some people never learn?
Well anyway, I won't bore you with this.. AGAIN!
I should have seen it coming really.
I just wish I didn't forgive so easily - Some people seem to think that forgiveness allows them to make the same mistakes.
As for that list of belongings. Am I meant to feel guilty for that stuff? Because honestly, I don't feel anything.
I think I'll poison the cacti tho - the same way he poisoned our friendship.

Well.. Write back soon won't you..

P.S.. what do I do with the drill set?