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  Friday 2nd February 2007

For those of you "fake freinds" who come here to try and get snippets of my life from which you can make assumptions, DON'T!
If your care was genuine, you'd pick up the phone.
I know that. You know that.
You want to know how I am? my car? my insurance? the wall? the crash? my back? my leg? the pain? the other driver? my mum? the police?
Well.. here are the answers.. all you have to do is pair them up with the question.

One is Coping
One is Unstable
One is Bad
One is My worst nightmare
One is Hopeful
One is Tormented
One is Ruined
One is Honest
One is Fine
One is Crippling
The last is DEAD

Simple really ain't it?
I guess assumptions don't tell you everything huh?
Learnt anything?