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  Friday 20th October 2006

I am going to vanish 2 planes being 'lost' amongst 2 demolished skyscrapers I can almost understand..
But what happened to Flight 77 at the Pentagon, and Flight 93 that 'crashed' in Pennsylvania?

Believing the Unbelievable (cont)...

On Sept 10th a group of top Pentagon officials cancelled travel plans for the next morning because of 'security concerns'.

That same day, Defence Secretary Rumsfeld announces that the Department of Defence "cannot track $2.3 million in transactions".

On Sept 11th Recovery experts extract data from 32 WTC computer drives revealing a surge in financial transactions.
Illegal transfers of over $100 million may have been made through some WTC computers immediately before and during the disaster.

In what the US Government describes as 'a bizarre coincidence', a US intelligence agency was all set for an exercise at 9am on Sept 11th in which an aircraft would crash into one of its buildings near Washington DC.

4 wargames were also in progress at the time of the attacks.

Air Traffic controllers suspect Flight 11 has been hijacked at 8:20am.

26 minutes later Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower, at 8:46am

Slow down. No rush At 8:52am two F-15's take off from Otis Air Force Base. They go after Flight 175. The director of Air National Guard states "We had a nine-minute window, and in excess of 100 miles to intercept 175"

F-15's are designed for low-altitude, high-speed, precision attacks. They fly at up to 2.5 times the speed of sound. (1875 mph = 30+ miles a minute = 270+ miles in 9 minutes)

At 9:03am Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower. This is 43 minutes after Air Traffic control lost contact with pilots.

At 9:38am Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. This is 42 minutes after contact was lost, and 1 hour after NORAD notification of the first hijacking.

At 10:10am Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania. This is also 42 minutes after contact was lost.

I am a black box The passport of alleged hijacker Satam Al Suqami is found a few blocks from the WTC. What are the odds that it became seperated from him or his baggage, and somehow escaped the raging fireball that consumed the plane, then the collapse of the buildings? I am a passport