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  Tuesday 31st May 2005

Sponsor me to do a parachute jump!

Bloody hell. Actually got to work early today, AND had a decent nights sleep!
Weekend was good. Very plant filled.
Must have spent over 100 on garden bits and bobs. Tis worth it tho. I really enjoyed just sitting out in the garden in the sunshine looking at them all.
Ex is pissing me off by ignoring me again tho. I mean how fucking childish. You'd think after almost two years he'd have the balls to speak to me. Especially seeing as it was him being the complete bastard.
I'd be happy to forget all the hurtful things he's said and be mates, but hey, his loss. He'll find another girl to fuck around i'm sure.

I think it's time we invested in a compost bin. The mound of grass and weeds next to the shed is big enough to form a hill up to the top of the fence!

Just you wait. We are going to have the best looking garden in Teddington!

Lovely plants