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  Friday 20th May 2005

Sponsor me to do a parachute jump!


Mary Poppins What a fab show!
"I'm practically perfect, in every way"

Definately recommend it (although not for young kids), and despite the high stage I still think front row seats are the best.
The conductor even apologised for being in the way! - what a sweetheart.

So if you haven't considered me to be your girlfriend 'in a long time', do you not think you should have told me?
You complete and utter bastard.

used And how long has it been
Since someone you let in
Has given what I gave to you?

Soph hurt   15:16pm
My head, near dead
Just the way you wanted it
My soul, stone cold
Cos I was under you're control
So young, so dumb
Knew just how to make me succumb
But I understand
To make yourself feel like a man

Am I just some chick you placed beside you,
To take somebody’s place?
When you turn around,
Can you recognize my face?
You used to love me,
You used to hug me,
But that wasn’t the case,
Everything wasn’t okay.

Anda la puta que te pari.