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  Friday 3rd June 2005

Sponsor me to do a parachute jump!

Ahhh, the weekend is here at last!
Today I am going to steal one of the Aloe pups from Paul's vera here at work. It's tiny, so I can replace the monster that used to be on my windowsill at home with this one.
Still no news from the agents or publishers yet.

I have got the most irritating Black Eyed Peas song stuck in my head!!

What you goní do with all that junk?
All that junk inside that trunk?
Iíma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
What u goní do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?
Iím a make, make, make, make you scream
Make u scream, make you scream.

:O Get out stupid song!!!!