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  Wednesday 1st June 2005

Sponsor me to do a parachute jump!

Ikea was great last night. Really quiet for a change. Went a bit mad on the ol' plant buying tho!
I have a horrible feeling that non of my new plants will survive, and I'll be left with loads of empty pots.
Also thinking that my desk at work is not the best place for my small olive tree either!
I'm so useless with plants!

Olive Tree This is quite a handy site about Olive trees. Can't imagine my two will last 500 years somehow!!

Coco Palm   14:49pm
I want him but I know its wrong!!!
Who wants to make bets on how long the new additions will survive?

Don't you just hate trying to help stupid people on the phone.
Was it really necessary to keep me on the phone while you think of a new password!!