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  Tuesday 19th July 2005

Not long to go. Can't believe how stressful this week is. Bloody last thing I need!
It's suprising just how much there is to organise when you know you won't be able to leave your room for at least 2 weeks.  Sad smiley

Freezepops   14:10pm
I can't believe it didn't even occur to me to buy freezepop ice lolly things until Dan mentioned it!

Oooh... I am really liking this green tea with pear and apple!


Lot's going on in mind It's funny how some things can completely take over, making it difficult to cope with day to day life.
I know deep down that there are so many things I am supposed to do, people to call, things to resolve, etc... but I simply can't remember them!
Please don't expect much out of me in these coming weeks!