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  Sunday 3rd July 2005

After a five hour wait, I did my sponsored parachute jump and raised about 700 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer!!
The nerves didn't really hit until we pulled up at the entrance to Netheravon army base, at which point my stomache cramped up so much I couldnt get out the car!
After a dash to the toilet I was semi-ok again, but only managed to eat a banana nearly all day. (very unlike me!)
I was lucky enough to get strapped to Cossy, who unlike the other 2 guys in the same plane, was not 3 times my weight, nor just crash landed that very morning: now sporting a gashed eyebrow and black eye!
Plus there was the added bonus that Cossy smelt absolutely lush, and in his own cheeky 'I'm-popular-with-all-the-ladies' way, was quite cute. Winking smiley
The worst part has got to be actually walking up to the aircraft with the wind and engine fumes blowing full-force at you, while you stand there thinking 'what the hell am I doing?'
It took us about 5 mins to get up the right height, and again, sitting in the plane waiting was actually worse than the jump.
The freefall from 11,000 feet to about 3,000 feet took 45 seconds, and we were travelling at about 120mph.
With the parachute open, the rest took about 5 minutes, and suprisingly, Cossy and I could talk like we were on the ground.
This bit was actually rather peaceful, cos there was no noise whatsoever and I was literally hanging there admiring the view.
The landing was quite nice too, as Cossy kinda landed on top of me.. 'It's ok.. we can stay here if you like!' Tongue smiley
ha ha
I want to go again now please!