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  Tuesday 20th December 2005

Oh bugger, I'm hooked on this
Firebox knew what they were doing when they sent me a free card!
Whipsmart Wordsearch   15:53pm
Ok, so the only Perplex City card I currently have my greasy whiskers on is this rather easy one, but boy has it got me intrigued!
I managed to find an error in a website that allowed me to buy 3 packs of cards for the price of one, so I ordered 6 packs in total. (I didn't realise the mistake until they sent me the confirmation email and I questioned why it only mentioned 2 packs).
Nice bloke from the shop was so grateful for me pointing out the error that although strictly speaking I've only paid for 2, he's going to send me 8!
Also bid on a couple from ebay, so I will be nice and busy over Christmas and not have any time for the usual festive sadness.