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  Tuesday 13th December 2005

Well after a rather bad day yesterday, I've decided not to sign the contract with the publisher asking me to 'contribute' 3K towards publishing costs.
I've always said that I would never vanity publish, and I think I'd only live to regret it. After all, I haven't been submitting for that long really, and there are still many other publishers to approach
Never give up! Never surrender! (said in Buzz Lightyear voice!)Bod is beautiful

On another note, I'm rather pissed off at having my poor Bod smashed into yesterday: now sporting a hole in the bumper. Hope the student does actually pay up, else I'm wasting my precious day off getting repair quotes for nothing.

Lady Lama Wings!!!

I got the 'call I've been waiting for' (apparantly!) ha ha. Not think so!
But still, if the worst comes to the worst, then Surbiton is still an option.
Let's keep our fingers crosssed that it doesn't come to that.. well, not for me at least  winking smiley