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  Wednesday 7th December 2005

I'm so hungry!
I can't stop thinking about the pizza waiting at home for me.

Surely it must be home time now?

I can't believe how quickly the days and weeks are flying by. It's almost Christmas! I swear only a few weeks ago we were all complaining how hot it was!?
I've panicked and bought all my Christmas shopping online, and as usual, have forgotten what I've ordered and ended up with way too much!
I'm not dreading it this year as much as I have done in the past, but perhaps it's because there is the chance that monkey man will be around? Or maybe its cos this year we will be at my mum's? I dunno.
Still haven't heard back from the insurance people about my poor G4. It really does take the piss. It's like we are suffering twice. First we get broken into, then we have to put up with no computers for god knows how long.