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  Tuesday 26th April 2005

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Did I?   10:02am


Today I have started reading Don't Move. What a fantastic, but very sad book.
Can't wait to see the film.

Finally I have got my lazy arse in gear and started to focus on my book again.
Got quite sad last night looking at the state Part Three is in. The chapters are so disjointed!
I have realised today tho, that it doesnt take much to get them in order.
I need to write only about 100 words for each disjointed part, to get it to link to the next, and that's pretty much it.
Mind you, my word count is close to 100,000! so I haven't got any words to spare now! Going to have to be very strict from here on.

Dammit. Thought I'd try and write a tiny bit, and ended up with another 500 words.
I never ever, ever thought I'd get to the day where I actually have too much for just one book.
This could end up being the second book in the making!