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  Monday 18th April 2005

Sponsor me to do a parachute jump!

I hate you for doing this to me. You have made me feel worthless, unloved, alone. I am paranoid because of you, and I will never find happiness with a man. He who can not, will not love me. He who ignores me, pretends I will go away, vanish. He who hopes. This is your doing, and you will not undo it. The more you cower away, the more I hate you, the further I sink in. No words can save me now. I am unclean, tarnished, destroyed by your silence. And the silence of others confirms my worth. I could have been everything, but you made me nothing. I hate you.

Got myself a pack of jelly tots yesterday... what a disappointment. They are much stickier than they used to be.

Uh oh!