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  Tuesday 5th April 2005

Well today is the begining of this mad idea.
'I know', she thinks, 'why don't I write a whole load of random stuff to fill up my website!' Fantastic.
Today I remembered just how awkward it is to go to the toilet with suspenders on. Do I unhook them? do I try and wiggle my pants down around them? Or maybe I should just hold it and go later.
Why can't I get that friggin ringtune out of my head?
'I may be small. I may look sweet. But baby, I know how to move my feet. Hit it!'
'Tweet tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet!'
Do people actually pay money to hear that?

malty teasers Jesus Christ. Look what Rue just bought me!! →
That's 4,000 grams!
Oh God.. I think I'm going to be sick!
Doesn't he know a joke when he hears one!